Heal Your Mind. Open Your Heart To Dream.


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I am here to remind you that you have what it takes to create the life you dream about.

I am a counselor, a coach, and facilitator.

Having walked my own journey filled with anxiety, depression, doubt, and hopelessness, I have the tools and experience to act as a guide along the path to peace, freedom, and creative mastery.

I have worked with homeless youth, refugees of war, creative geniuses, and corporate executives around the world.

And what have I learned?


That we are all capable of healing and of creating a life that we love.


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How I Can Help You

  • 1 hr


For as long as I have known Mitch, he has always been someone who was interested in the complete universal empowerment of the mind, body and soul. His keen intuition for the human psyche has always impressed me and that is exactly why I entrusted to do an EFT tapping session with me. The results were almost immediate. Mitch was able to graciously guide me through the process and encourage to feel all that I felt without judgement or fear. Tapping has given me the ability to be honest with myself and to confront my fears head-on knowing that all that I am always in control of the direction my life takes. I now possess a greater sense of direction, emotional stability and awareness of the issues in my life that I weren’t even cognizant of. Mitch is a professional in all that he does and I cannot recommend him strongly enough.

Jherrell Peters, Lawyer

I am truly grateful for Mitch Gainey and his expertise in EFT, insightful wisdom and his approach in guiding me through various barriers and challenges I’ve experienced in relation to my anxiety with uncertainty. I have always walked away from Mitch’s sessions, feeling a sense of security, calm and empowerment. I am appreciative of Mitch’s approach throughout all the sessions, his guiding interpretations, has provided me feeling equipped to manage my fears. Since working with Mitch, I have gained a different perspective of looking at my own barriers, and instead of engaging in suppressive coping, I have felt empowered to work with what is presented. Thank you so much Mitch. 

A Mafi, Leadership Consultant