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A Call to Courage

I get it.

You’re scared; really fucking scared.

You’ve spent your whole life nursing the pain of feeling different, like there’s something wrong with you. You’re not like everyone else.

Well, you’re right; there is something different, and you’re not like everyone else.

The thing is you’re not numb to the fucked up ways we hurt each other. You’re not blind to the immense suffering people go through on a daily basis, your grief stricken by the ways the system binds and suppresses and kills our very essence. How it imprisons our spirit.

You’ve tried to ignore it.

You have pulled the hood over your head.

You’ve drunk the numbing poison.

Fucked yourself into oblivion.

Eaten to fill the void.

You’ve cut yourself to be distracted by your own pain.

A few of us have even tried to take ourselves out. Snuffed out our life force in order to enter into a deaf and blind sleep.

But no matter what, you can’t escape. You can’t mute the voice telling you you’re meant to do something. It’s the knot in your stomach on the train. It’s the ache in your heart when you watch the news. It’s in the tears you secretly shed. It’s in your nightmares.

You see, you were born to change the world.

You were born to be priests and prophets, musicians, artists, singers, healers, teachers.

You are the very Soul of the World incarnate in human flesh, reaching out to its own.

You are not one human trying to save the world, you are the very spirit of humanity, trying to save itself.

You are the heart of God, waking up to itself. You are God in flesh, answering the prayers of 1000 generations asking for salvation.

And you’re scared.

You’ve seen what disconnected humanity does to its prophets and its sages, its witches and thinkers and artists. It crucifies them. It burns them at the stake. It hangs them, maligns them and excommunicates them.

And so you hide and you cower and you try to forget.. but you can’t do it anymore. Your resistance to your awakening is torturing your flesh, it’s killing you.

So what do you have to lose anyway? Either way, death is coming for you.

You either give in to this awakening and surrender facing your fear, and willingly lose your small life.

Or you fight tooth and nail for your own smallness and invisibility, afraid to speak out and risk the stones being thrown at you. You slowly asphyxiate the Real Life dying to be born in you and instead cling on to this false life… and find that in the end that you were dead all along.

Those who lose their life will find it

So don’t be scared.

Or rather be scared and lean into it.

Be at peace.

That Which We Call God, The Force, the Christ, the Buddha Nature, the Creative Genius… Love is awakening in you. Your very nature is blossoming and blooming and eruptingto bring destruction and redemption to your very life.

And in the process, to the whole world.

The world which needs you to listen to the calling on your life and that burning in your heart.

We need you to erupt to draw deep from the well of passion and creativity and offer it to the world.

We need your poems, your art, your songs. We need your books, your videos. We need your recipes, your businesses, your crafts, your counsel.

We need it all.

We need you to be real.

We need you to care, to feel, and to not fit in.

We need you to go against the grain and speak up. We need you to show us it’s okay to be scared while you bravely march on with the vision for a better world.

We need you.

So please trust.

Trust the voice and call within you to give a shit.

And give us your all.

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