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The Become program is either a 6 or 12 month commitment to your own transformation, growth, and healing.


Combining frameworks of deep listening, intuition, somatic healing, dream work, and creative principles, we set out together to create a life you love; one that is deeply satisfying and also of service to the world.


We uncover what your genius is; that truer, deeper, more real part of us that is often experienced as peace, joy, alignment, and flow.


We also look at the egoic, survival structures that often obscure our genius and pull us away from creating what we'd truly love. These are the parts of us experiences as fear, reactivity, numbness etc.


It is from this place we set out to begin making choices about who we want to be and what it is we want to create and use all of our resistance, tail-enders, and external circumstances as doorways into our genius or Creative Self.


The end result is both internal freedom and an external life that reflects that.


What you get from me:

  • A coach, counsellor, guide, cheerleader, and friend wrapped into one.

  • A trauma informed approached (I spent over a decade working with highly traumatised populations)

  • Many years experiencing coaching executives across the globe

  • Someone skilled at uncovering the hidden gifts and gold of each person

  • A commitment and care that extends beyond the formal sessions

  • Someone who is committed to their own growth and shadow work

  • Access to any future trainings I run

  • A passion for evidence based approaches

  • and just a dash of woo 😉


How is it structured?

Sessions are 60mins each and are held every two weeks so that you have time to practice and integrate.


In between sessions you have access to daily text support and the occasional phone support for "emergencies" (which can be as broad as an emotional crisis or you are about to give a presentation and need a pep-talk and some tapping support).

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