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Who Am i?

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My Story

As a qualified Transpersonal Counselor and Coach, nothing excites me more than watching people transform their lives.

I’ve worked with a broad range of people over a decade— from young people experiencing homelessness to executive leaders of some of the most profitable businesses in the world. In doing so, I’ve learnt a lot about what makes us happy.

I lived most of my life thinking there was something “wrong” with me. I was "too sensitive", thought "too deeply" and was generally "too intense". 

Even into my early 20's, I was experiencing severe panic attacks and bouts of depression. At my lowest point, I was taking sleeping pills during the day to escape. At times, I was suicidal.

​Following a panic attack so severe I thought I was going to pass out, I finally realised I had a decision to make:

​Am I going to stay on my current path and try my hardest to "fix" myself, stuff everything down, and continue to hate myself? 




Am I going to step into Wholeness, choose the unknown path, and learn to deeply trust myself?

This initiated me into a journey of confronting my fears and learned self hatred. I had to unlearn a lifetime of conditioning that told me I was wrong, evil, an abomination, and that I had to hide my true nature. Even though my mind and body betrayed me at times, there was something deeper that kept me moving forward.

​I threw myself into the study of psychology and counselling.

I devoured books on mysticism and neuroscience.

I did whatever it took in order to come home to myself and to create a life that I loved being a part of.

​When it comes to the art of human transformation and creativity, here’s what I’ve discovered:

  1. Most of our suffering is due to the conditioning of our mind.

  2. By learning to listen deeply to our bodies and Life we can access our innate wisdom

  3. Healing doesn't have to be hard

  4. At our core, we are deeply loved beyond our imagination

  5. And, no matter how it seems, you have something important to give the world

Now, I no longer experience panic attacks or depression.

Instead, I have cultivated a relationship to my body and inner life that is connected an intune.

​I love my Life and what's even better... I really like me!

I’ve experienced transformation in my own life, and I want others to know the same. 

My life’s work now involves travelling regularly around Australia, New Zealand and the UK, teaching people how to master their mind, come home to their body, and create the life they love and  that contributes to the world.

If you're curious as to what results we can create together, shoot me a message!


My works draws from

  • Transpersonal and Somatic Counselling Schools

  • The Perennial and Mystic traditions.

  • The latest in neuroscience and evidence based research.

  • My own hard earned wisdom.


  • Over a decade of working with traumatised populations

  • Worked with executive and community leaders in countries around the world

  • BA Community and Social Studies, Adv Dip Transpersonal Counselling, EBEFT Trainer, Natural Success Graduate, Focusing Level 4.

  • Can work with NDIS clients

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